Auto-Covers info 

Car covers are classified in small, medium and large.

Small car covers are priced at 3599 south african rands (ZAR)

Medium car covers are riced at  3899 south african rands (ZAR)

large car covers are priced at 4699 south african rands (ZAR)

The motorcycle or bike covers are priced from 1899 south african rands (ZAR)

Just like the car covers the motorcycle / bike covers come in small, medium and large.

Auto Covers are delivered using The Courier Guy services .

We have most mass produced car and motorcycle model specs and dimensions but sometimes we would need some measurements on more unique cars and motorcycles.

Auto Covers does not produce any water craft , ski or boat covers.

Auto covers are an easy dit and really just slips over in seconds.

Auto Covers come in a very handy carry bag.

Cost on Nationwide Sa Delivery based on one cover is R199.00

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