Branded Indoor Car & Bike Covers

If it’s special, you need to protect it with a cover from Auto Covers.


Car Covers

Auto-Covers are tailored Soft Indoor Car Covers and guards your investment against dirt and dust in the garage wile in storage. Covers are made from very light material for protection of the paint against dust and harmful chemicals that result with rusting surface scratches. Auto-Covers fit Snug and comes with a carry bag.

Bike Covers

We work hard in the week and come weekend it’s riding time. No one likes to pull out the pony and its dusty, that means it needs a wash before your ride. Some bikes are not even ridden, but when Showcased we need them clean & ready to go. Auto-Covers fit Snug in the carry bag this is a small storage item.

Reveal Covers

These covers are designed for our car dealers. We noticed the need for these covers and how scarce they are.

Get your reveal cover branded with your company logo and some extra spice to ensure a wide smile on your clients face when revealing their car.


If your vehicle is in storage for a few months non-stop why not give your vehicle the ultimate protection it deserves. 

These undercovers are a great add-on for your Auto-Cover Purschase. Simply put the undercover on first then add your Auto-cover for optimal results. 


The Auto-Mat (Motorcycle mats) acts as a barrier between the vehicle/motorcycle and the soil. 

Our Custom motorcycle mats come in 3 standard sizes namely:

  • 1800mm x 900mm
  • 2100mm x 900mm
  • 2300mm x 900mm

Why Auto-Covers?


Auto-Covers are easy to fit. Only one person needed.


Fully machine washable to 30°C.


Auto-Covers are Custom made according to your vision.


Guards against dirt and dust in the garage.


Locally made product.

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